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TOP 5 business ideas 2020 for total beginners

List of Business Ideas

During the lockdown, everyone had to rethink their career choices. For some of as it was something like a wakeup call to go and find a new job. SMART For some of us we understood that sometimes it’s important to think about the business model that we have worked with and started to become digital.

And for some of us, it’s a starting signal that we need to focus on starting our own online business. If you belong to the last group of people you definitely want to know: What are the best ways to start a successful online business

I help smart entrepreneurs to scale their business. And if you like this The article, please comment, First, let’s talk about what I think are the most important conditions for a job or service to be considered interesting enough in this list for you.

 Actually, there are three things are important. 

  • First, you can do it from home. During the pandemic we all understood that working remotely is something that might save your income when a crisis like this happens. So, relaxing in quarantine and still making a fortune is something all of those ideas have in common. 


  • Second, no or little prior experience. I want you to be able to start right away and take action to build the life of your dreams. I know, some of you have some false beliefs of “I got to master the skill first before I can get paid for it”, but that is actually not true. 


  • Third, you can charge a minimum of 1.500$ per client for it. Because if you can do that, then all you need is 3 clients per month and you have a beautiful life for the rest of your life. So, all of those skills and business ideas. 


There are 5 business ideas for beginners:


  • Coaching Calls: This is the easiest to set up. All you need is zoom and a Facebook page with a good description of what you do. No matter what your expertise or niche is, you always will find people that need your help. And maybe you think coaching calls are something that people don’t want to pay for and therefore you need to be really cheap! No, no, no! Coaching calls are really tailored to the client’s specific problem, so, you should see yourself as an expert that gives the person asking for help a clear step by step guide to success. Someone, who actually handle your individual problems and can fix it? Man! That’s what everybody needs! Of course, you won’t be able to charge 1.500$ per session, but if you bundle 10 sessions into a package and sell them for that amount… I’m sure you will be able to find clients quickly

  • Online Courses: Online courses work quite similar to coaching calls. The difference? Instead of talking one on one to your clients, you show them prerecorded videos in a closed content area. Of course, they only get access, when they have paid for it. There is one big up sight: That is…. You can scale that model really well and quickly. Once that plan is created, you will be able to sell it to hundreds of clients. Though, it’s a lot of investment you have to take in terms of time. Like how much time do you have per week to create an online course? If it is less than 10 hours start witch coaching calls until you can live off of them. Also, you need to be a bit techy, because there are some tools you need to connect together. 


  • Social Media Agency: You are creative and love Instagram? Then you should become someone’s social media manager. The good thing here is: This is definitely long-term business. As soon as you have a client, they may stick with you till eternity. You charge a retainer of 1.500$ per month and therefore upload a picture on Instagram daily and manage their comments as well. I got to be honest: I could need an Instagram manager myself; nothing is happening on my account but also, I have no idea how to use Instagram… Never did that before. And still, everyone has a personal brand or a business needs to increase reach. So, they better have someone like you who helps them to find the right content ideas. 


  • Funnel Builder Everybody needs funnels nowadays. What is a funnel? The way a person gets from the first touch with you to the sale. Usually, this is done by driving traffic from ads. But what happens after the ad? There is a landing page. And when you have a look around funnels these days a lot of people have ugly funnels that don’t convert. And here is where you jump in. You build out amazing funnels for them. As a start, it is enough to know only 2 very basic types of funnels. The first one is called tripwire funnel, the second one is a webinar funnel. If you understood them, you know a bit about design and you managed to build out a few funnel pages for yourself, then you’re good enough to go out and find clients, who happily want to pay you. 


  • Brand Designer: This one is for the visual people among us. Me personally, I don’t have a clue how to find a cool colour palette for my brand, making a nice logo and translate that into my own landing pages. If you can do something like that, then you definitely will have a bright future in the next five years. Because here is the way that business took the last few years. Like ten years ago it did not matter. You just needed a landing page and an offer and you made some good money. Five years ago, copywriting started to become a thing. It became more and more important to have a persuasive copy on your landing page.  

And now it’s important to create a feeling. You need to be able to breathe a brand to understand its identity. And to represent that identity on all assets you deliver. Landing pages, logos, Online Courses…. Endless possibilities for you to jump in as a designer and make sure that your clients are on top of their niche and will be the ones that will be remembered. No matter what you choose, make sure you take action and make the first step to success today. The sooner you start, the more success you will have tomorrow.

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