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Marketing Strategy to be succesful

Successful Marketing Stratagies Example

best marketing strategies used by companies

in this article, we're going talk about the live marketing methods that actually get customers for your business I am going to talk about top tips right now if you know you've just discovered us and you're like entrepreneurial marketing and business stuff I'm going to let you know

when we bring out new article tip number one and getting customers into business is using text messages text message marketing is now easier than ever to do but there is a problem when it becomes easier than ever to do because mould courtiers ruin everything I mean years ago we used to listen to the radio once much before my time but they wouldn't listen to the radio advert-free the market ears have come along and ruined the radio but they've done with television and like they've done with email we used to get really excited about receiving emails fifteen years ago ten years ago 

But now we get so many other bloody things we're annoyed about them but I like text messages because I get less marketing text messages than emails in fact here are some little facts for you at the moment text message marketing get eighty per cent open rate with a 40 per cent click-through now let me just explain what that means so you get a text message eighty per cent of people are reading it and then 40 per cent of people are actually clicking through and looking at the text message or clicking through the call-to-action that's within the text message when you look at the email you're getting about a 10 per cent open rate with a four per cent click-through so text messages are a really good way of marketing your business and they're cheap to do suddenly the text message now two three four pence and you can get some really good data on open rates and see if your customers are actually doing what you want them to do the smart thing to do now 

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We chose leaflets I run a leaflet we send over a million leaflets at each and every single year and we try and send leaflets to people that are most likely to buy from us now we are lots of letter attraction so where do we want to get our leaflets through ladies and gents we want to get them into schools we want children to take them home to their parents and we distribute them for stores and what we do is we give the schools free tickets so they promote us then the leaflet goes out but then it comes to leaflet and your need to get this right here's some of the salient points that you need to have on leaflets number one make sure the heading takes over it's 8% heading 20% content make sure there's a cool to action on there and offer under so make sure there's a deadline and also make sure you have testimonials on there so many people try and confuse leaflets with mixed messages there for you consumer won't know what to do send leaflet out that has one message that you want to deliver make sure you print both sides to really have a home your message 

best marketing strategies used by companies

So this just quickly go back over that headline testimonial call to action with an offer and not too many mixed messages and make sure the headline takes president's number three is LinkedIn Contin LinkedIn has got fantastic organic reach number one mean by organic reach this is getting stuff out on things him that you don't have to pay for the advertising on LinkedIn advertising is quite expensive we've got some other social platforms Facebook being the big daddy here you used to be able to get really good natural organic reach on Facebook but now the gods of Facebook has said well if you want to reach our audience you've got to pay us some money to do so but we want to get to our audience for free.

Best marketing strategies of all time

and LinkedIn is a brilliant place to be especially if you're in the business world so what I do is I put great good quality content on LinkedIn videos articles posts and then people comment and share and then from that doing it consistently people ask to do business with you 

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It's a really smart fantastic thing to them and please do not forget this thing ladies and gents which is fun on a finger but thinking about the phone is a great way to market people to your business and most people are forgetting to do the phone stuff they're using digital marketing and they're not thinking of the good old-fashioned stuff which less and fewer people are doing if you remember to the beginner's video said marketeers ruined everything they've ruined the radio that ruined the TV and they did ruin the phone 

Because everyone was on the farm cold calling you now fewer people are doing that as they've moved over to digital platforms so think about how you can get on the phone and talk to customers especially if their existing customers it's a really smart thing to do to call people that have already bought from you and tell them about your other products and services 

So this really is a plea to everyone you know that picking up the phone or actually going and seeing customers will get you more customers less and fewer people are doing it, this is a refresh and remind for you ladies and gents to carry on using the phone we've had spectacular results from picking up the phone and actually talking to people number 

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the Big Daddy Facebook we need to carry on talking about Facebook because that's where most the eyeballs are especially on social platforms but as I told you in LinkedIn content tip number three it's getting harder and harder to get organic reach on Facebook but we have found a workaround a guerrilla marketing technique on Facebook there's loads and loads of Facebook community groups so you'll have these especially in the towns that intervene so if you live in London, for example, there'll be London families Facebook group what we try to do is do competitions with the owners of those groups and usually they'll say yes then three days out to come some of our creations this has had fantastic organic reach and actually taught us new leads than paying for anything on Facebook 

so you can take that idea and actually see if it will work within your sector there'll be a fishing group on Facebook and in my new selfish stuff and then you can do a competition into the fishing group and get people to buy your fishing stuff so, for example, look to those Facebook communities look for the ones that getting lots of comments and engagement in and the owners of that group if you can just do a Facebook competition because you're a big fan of that group look for them and if they're not there why don't you try and create your own Facebook communities if you've liked this article 

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